Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I must not let fame go to my head...

(Haha, as if  I'd ever be famous) 


I did however get a teensy tiny picture featured in the wonderful Gemma Correll's book, What I Wore Today. 

For those of you that don't know, Gemma created a flickr group (called WIWT) where instead of photographing what they have worn, people draw their outfits! Its fun! I entered the competition where selected images would be printed in the book, and I was one of the chosen ones, hoorah!

And also, because I am in it (and therefore famous and very important), I got a free copy from the lovely people at Octopus publishing which arrived on Tuesday.

Here is me, grinning away...

(funnily enough, the day it arrived I was wearing the bear jumper that I am wearing in my illustration. Clearly I don't change my clothes very much...)

There I am! I am going to get mobbed in the street now because of this...might have to start wearing disguises when I leave the house...

NOTE: My surname has been spelt wrong!

So anyway, I have been flicking through and enjoying gemma's fab illustrations. I was glad to see lots of Mr Pickles featured too...

LOVE his face.

That is all for now, but I do have some new picture-y things to be thrusting in your face (ooh-err) very soon!  

'Till then, Cheerioooo!

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