Thursday, 15 March 2012

The contrast of white on white

I absolutely adore the album 'August and Everything After' by Counting Crows. Their lyrics are so gorgeous, and whenever I listen to the song 'Round Here' the first line always stands out to me as being so achingly beautiful that it makes me want to make a picture!

Step out the front door like a ghost into a fog where no-one notices the contrast of white on white.

Isn't that just perfection?! Such a good description of loneliness and the feeling like you're disappearing. Gah, I just love it.

I urge you to listen! *urges*

Anyway, so I was listening to it yesterday and decided I would go ahead and make the picture I have been plotting since I first heard it! I cut the words out of white paper and stuck them down on white paper. It's a very simple picture (despite taking hoooours to cut out) but I think it's all you need to enchance the words. I like the way its hard to make them out. Just hints of shade suggest their edges and give subtle definition.

There's me trusty desk and me trusty tools!

And here it is in a frame (not really the right sized frame but the only one I had laying around) I must go out and buy one for it that fits properly.

The quality of these photos is poor, I must get my sister Sarah to take some good ones for me. She's really good at photography, and has a snazz camera!

I hope this post has succeeded in converting you into a Counting Crows fan! (if you weren't one already)

If not...WHY NOT?!!

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