Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sometimes I think naughty things about you...

I have two types of clothing styles that I wear. They are quite different.
  • One is 'granny style' (dresses, tights, oversized cardigans etc.)
  • The other is 'bright, fun and childish'. And Lazy Oaf's range of clothing fulfills this with bells on. I think I love Lazy Oaf especially because they are illustrators first and foremost, and their fun pop graphics transfer into clothing so well.

They had a competition recently to design a Valentine's Day card. The winner gets a £50 Lazy Oaf voucher! And the 2 runner-ups each get a £25 voucher! Also the designs get put up on their blog on Valentine's Day!

So I thought I would have a go at it. Their cards are not typically romantic or even nice, which is what makes them so funny! 

Some examples:

So yes, unconventional declarations of love! Better than cheese, in my opinion...

After doodling some ideas in my sketchybooky, I came up with 4 designs that I thought were alright, and set about cutting out paper, hand-rendering some of the text, and scanning it all in and composing/editing in Photoshop:

I am so glad that I looked up the spelling of "Platonic" I totally thought people said "Plutonic". 
Narrowly missed looked stoooopid there.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed looking at them! Doubt I'll win anything, but as they say, it's the taking part that counts!

(though I could really do with some more Oaf clothes...)

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  1. These cards are genius! You should get some printed and sell them.