Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Birds look after themselves!

I have a new website! Halle-flippin'-lujah!

I think its quite snazzy, much better than the pile o' crap one I made on Mr Site. I've moved to Moonfruit now, and it's so much nicer to use. Although I'm still a bit annoyed there's not more image gallery options...

But hey-ho I'm fairly pleased with it! And there's lots more recent work that I've done on there, yippee!

Have a lookie  >HERE<

You may also have noticed that this here blog is a bit jazzier too. I've gone a tad yellow and pink mad. Even my Twitter is yellow and pink...I have a feeling I am going to get sick of it very quickly.

In other news; I have noticed that I, and people around me (but mostly me) often say quite stupid things. I've decided to illustrate these moments of stupidity as often as I can. This being one of them:

So yeah...quite stupid. More to come!

Any comments about the website, feel free to let me know! I like to hear what people think...even if its negative! I need to know if I've made it look lame, it's for my own good!

(I should probably cut down on the amount I type/blabber on most of the pages. And my excessive use of exclamation marks...makes me look a bit crazy...)


  1. Hello Michelle!
    I had a peek at your website and I think it's lovely.
    I'm not sure if it's my computer being crazy or if it's a setting you can fiddle with but the slideshow for your images was moving along a bit fast.
    I really like this RSPB picture too :)

  2. Hello Becky!
    Ooooh thankyou for looking at it, I'm glad you like it!
    Ahhh, no not your computer being crazy, I did actually choose a short speed for the slideshow, as I thought people would get bored! But I'm glad you said that, I shall slow it down a bit!

    p.s: I didnt know you had a blog, I like it! You take lovely photos. And your knitwear is amaze! :D