Saturday, 26 November 2011

Cosy Christmas

 As it is practically December, I thought it appropriate to write an update of what I've been doing lately, as what I've been doing lately is making some Christmas cards! Woo!

I made three designs of animals wearing knitwear, one being a polar bear, one a robin, and one a reindeer. I feel these animals are pretty reminiscent of Christmas? My theme was "Cosy Christmas" (cheesy?)

Here they are:

Cosy Polar Bear

Cosy Reindeer

Cosy Robin
I think they look quite cute, it was nice to give myself a project to keep me in the paper-cutting mood :) I like having a reason to do it!

I decided to get 25 cards printed, featuring the 3 designs. I did this at , which is a good website for printing. I also chose some recycled brown envelopes to go with them, which are pretty! I love recyled brown paper, it has a lovely imperfect quality.

Card stack and envelopes!

The message inside read "Have a cosy Christmas!"
Here they are perched on my mantelpiece...

So sadly, people that know me, you may be getting a tacky, self-designed card from me this year. Sorry about that!

And carrying on the Christmas theme, who wants a Christmassy computer desktop wallpaper hand-drawn by moi? No one?! How mean!

Well anyway, I have this as my laptop wallpaper:

And you could have it too! I have made it in four different colours, so take your pick! 
I'll explain how below!

Happy Xmas 1!
Happy Xmas 2!

Happy Xmas 3!

Happy Xmas 4!

All you need to do is:
  • Right click on the image you want, then "Save picture as..." and give it a filename. 
  • Then go to "Control Panel"
  • Then to "Appearance and Personalisation", "Change desktop background"
  • Then "Browse" for the file location for the image.
  • For the "Positioning" of the image, select Tile.
This works for my screen, with the resolution set to 1280 by 800 pixels :)

Anyway, made for you with love. Just sharing the Christmas joy!

Next on the agenda: 
"How to make decorations for the Christmas tree, due to being too poor to afford proper ones"

(Catchy title, no?)