Saturday, 3 September 2011

Papery Goodness...

A friend told me about a poster design competition for Laurence King publishing's 20th anniversary, so this week I wanted to try and enter. Obviously being at work in the day means I didn't have an awful lot of time, I decided to whack it out in one evening on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning (I crawled into bed at 2:00)

Its not even that good so I needn't have bothered! 

Here it is:

(Obviously ignore the border...thats not really there!)

I'm glad I entered but I haven't got a hope of winning! There are lots of really strong images, some really professional and slick work (one thing I always get frustrated with about my own work is that it never looks quite up to a professional standard)

I was thinking about trying to incorporate all aspect of their publications so far...Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Architecture etc...but in the end I decided to keep it sweet and simple with a cheery happy message!

"Three Cheers for 20 years!"

I think the fact that the lettering is hand-cut kind of shows the original and creative nature of their publications, as well as a warm, genuine love for visual least, that's how I see it!

If you'd like to vote for it (don't feel you have to!) you can go here:
and press the facebook 'like' button. Simples!

My sister entered it too, hers is way better than mine! She's so talented :)

You can look at her design here (and vote if you want!):
(Sarah Allberrey)

Anyway, apart from that, not much interesting stuff has occurred with me, art-wise.

I did make a paper pencil. Here is me pretending to use it...

I also made some paper scissors, wheeee!

Cool, huh? No? :(

Oh, and also a dotty pattern with some nail varnish. I love doing this!

Mmmm, pretty! Smudged a bit when I put it in the scanner though...oops.

(Addicted to this)

The End.

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