Monday, 19 September 2011

Letter to Santa...

So a while ago I found some old school books/things I made when I was a child and posted some pictures of the crazyness on this here blog.

Well, seeing as I haven't shown another slice of the brilliance recently, I thought, now's the time!

And with Christmas coming up (shush, it IS coming up!), I thought you might like to see a letter I wrote to Santa when I was a little girl...

It started off as the usual 'I want a doll's house' and quickly spiralled into a debate about sexism. I conclude by asking Santa's opinion.

...I never got a response :(

Here it is:

I understand it's hard to read, so I have translated the crazy for you:

"Dear Santa,

          I would like a doll or doll’s house or anything else.

But I do like boys toys too. I do not like seeing the girls always playing with a doll or girl’s things. I think that they should be called ‘everybody’s toys’

But I would like a puppy in my pocket hand held game please and some other things.

Boys might want to take care of babies one day. Why can’t boys play with dolls?

I think they should.

Girls are always pictured with dolls it’s not fair. I do not like seeing boys always pictured with cars or other things like in Pearson’s catalogue. I would like a doll or anything else if I was a boy.

What do you think?

Lots of  love

I worry about myself sometimes, I really do...

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