Monday, 19 September 2011

Letter to Santa...

So a while ago I found some old school books/things I made when I was a child and posted some pictures of the crazyness on this here blog.

Well, seeing as I haven't shown another slice of the brilliance recently, I thought, now's the time!

And with Christmas coming up (shush, it IS coming up!), I thought you might like to see a letter I wrote to Santa when I was a little girl...

It started off as the usual 'I want a doll's house' and quickly spiralled into a debate about sexism. I conclude by asking Santa's opinion.

...I never got a response :(

Here it is:

I understand it's hard to read, so I have translated the crazy for you:

"Dear Santa,

          I would like a doll or doll’s house or anything else.

But I do like boys toys too. I do not like seeing the girls always playing with a doll or girl’s things. I think that they should be called ‘everybody’s toys’

But I would like a puppy in my pocket hand held game please and some other things.

Boys might want to take care of babies one day. Why can’t boys play with dolls?

I think they should.

Girls are always pictured with dolls it’s not fair. I do not like seeing boys always pictured with cars or other things like in Pearson’s catalogue. I would like a doll or anything else if I was a boy.

What do you think?

Lots of  love

I worry about myself sometimes, I really do...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Words o' Wise-nosity...

I don't know if you remember the song 'Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)' but I really like it! It is full of good advice, one piece of which I decided to illustrate yesterday, in paper-cut-lettering styyyyle!
"Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly." -Baz Luhrmann 
I vair agree with this. It is the main reason I have stopped reading crappy mags like Cosmo and Glamour. They make me depressed! Plus the fact that they just regurgitate the same old things about sex and dieting and fashion and beauty tips. 

Which doesn't interest me much anymore. Or ever did.

I do, however, keep my old ones for cutting-up purposes, so they do have their uses.

I did recently discover a magazine called 'oh comely' which is really good! It is quirky and interesting, with a focus on being creative and thinking about the world, as well as being beautifully designed with gorgeous photography. I love! It cost me £4.00 from WHSmith (or 'wuh-smith' as I used to call it when I was a young'un)

Anyway, back to 'Do not read beauty magazines...'

 Here are all the letters I cut out arranged on my (extremely messy) desk!

You can see on my laptop that I was watching a Laura Marling Youtube video...I really should turn my laptop off when I work, it makes me procrastinate!

Note: excess paper, laptop too far away to reach, broken mobile phone, water bottle (which I rarely drink from as I like to avoid trips to the bathroom), trusty pair o' scissors, plate o' crumbs.

And here is the final scanned-in, edited version:

Please let me know if you think it looks dirty or whatnot, as I seem to be having issues where things looks nice when I'm editing them on my laptop, but then when I've uploaded them and look at them on a different computer screen they can look HORRID!

Makes me a sad/mad panda...

Aaaaaand, I managed to do a second picture yesterday! This never happens! I actually did this one first but for some reason I am talking about them in the wrong order. Such is the logic of my brain.

I am a bit obsessed with inspiring/happy words atm! I think I'm trying to convince myself that one day I will be making money from cutting up random bits of paper... "o__o"

So yeeeah, Don't be afraid! Do what you love! Reach for the stars!

And calm.

P.S: If you'd like to re-live the brilliance of the song "Everybody's Free (to wear sunscreen)" then watch it on: Youtube I actually hadn't seen the video before, its cute!

P.P.S: I have a Tumblr! I am using it for random funny images/videos/things that have happened to me. Feel free to visit: here!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Papery Goodness...

A friend told me about a poster design competition for Laurence King publishing's 20th anniversary, so this week I wanted to try and enter. Obviously being at work in the day means I didn't have an awful lot of time, I decided to whack it out in one evening on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning (I crawled into bed at 2:00)

Its not even that good so I needn't have bothered! 

Here it is:

(Obviously ignore the border...thats not really there!)

I'm glad I entered but I haven't got a hope of winning! There are lots of really strong images, some really professional and slick work (one thing I always get frustrated with about my own work is that it never looks quite up to a professional standard)

I was thinking about trying to incorporate all aspect of their publications so far...Graphic Design, Photography, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Architecture etc...but in the end I decided to keep it sweet and simple with a cheery happy message!

"Three Cheers for 20 years!"

I think the fact that the lettering is hand-cut kind of shows the original and creative nature of their publications, as well as a warm, genuine love for visual least, that's how I see it!

If you'd like to vote for it (don't feel you have to!) you can go here:
and press the facebook 'like' button. Simples!

My sister entered it too, hers is way better than mine! She's so talented :)

You can look at her design here (and vote if you want!):
(Sarah Allberrey)

Anyway, apart from that, not much interesting stuff has occurred with me, art-wise.

I did make a paper pencil. Here is me pretending to use it...

I also made some paper scissors, wheeee!

Cool, huh? No? :(

Oh, and also a dotty pattern with some nail varnish. I love doing this!

Mmmm, pretty! Smudged a bit when I put it in the scanner though...oops.

(Addicted to this)

The End.