Sunday, 28 August 2011

Leaving present for Helen!

Recently (well, a few weeks ago now) a lovely lady I worked with called Helen decided to retire, so we all put money together to get her a proper present, some pretty garden lights that she wanted. But I also wanted to make her something...because she is cute and I thought she might like a silly picture made by me...

I do feel bad forcing things I've made onto people though, but I did tell her she could chuck it in the bin if she doesn't like it!

Here is what I made: (Click it to view it bigger!)

These birds are meant to represent the four of us who work in the Cytology lab! Helen is the blue bird, Carol is orangey, Pauline is reddish, and I am the pinkish one on the lower branch.

I had issues with only having four birds, because everyone knows that odd numbers of things look more harmonious in art...its hard to make a nice composition out of an even number of things. So yes, the composition kind of sucks, but it had to be four for it to make sense as being us! 

I suppose I could have invented a  new lab member...but that would be a lie!

Here it is on my wall (before I wrapped it up)

I think she liked it so that's good :)

I need to make something new, it has been a few weeks now where I haven't done anything due to being busy. I miss making things! 

I'd like to have a go at making pretend wedding invitations...and then if anyone I know gets married I can say "Look, I make invitations, let me make yours!"

So to anyone I know: Hurry up and get married!

Have a lovely sunday!


  1. it looks lovely michelle you are one talented lady and im glad your my best friend!!you can make my wedding invites....when i've found a man and he has proposed that is!! xx

  2. Awww I didn't see this comment when you posted it, Loobs! Thankyou for your kind words, I am glad you are mine too :) Yaaaay! I'd love to design your wedding invites! Lets hope he shows up sometime in the near future! xxx