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I made a new typography piccy for a quote from the Georgia Nicolson books, by Louise Rennison. I highly recommend reading them, as they are hilarious with a capital H! You may not believe me when I say that, but trust me, I have the highest standards of humour (in my opinion), and they make me LOL.  I may make a series of these quote pics and maybe get them printed nicely. Who knows, maybe one day I could sell them. Or just have them on my own walls, if no-one wants them...

Recently I have found loads of my old school books and drawings from when I was much younger, and living in Edmonton, London. It is SO funny looking at childhood art and writings. So I thought I would blog some funny'uns for you. Well, I think they're funny!

Today's picks:

This is the front cover of my school "Rough Book" I think I was in year I have done some sort of campaigning poster inside that says "Save 3R!" and then "we were all in are class"

I have no recollection of 3R ever being under threat, so this puzzles me...

So, year 3...not sure how old that would make me. But I was young, lets leave it at that. Young enough to be forgiven for this terrible poem:

If you can't read my amazing handwriting, the poem went like this:

"I am a giant, a forgetfull giant (Ironic, seeing as I was very small and not even remotely like a giant)
With my tiny brain. (This is more realistic)
I forget things. (I seemed to like putting full stops in, even when they are not needed)
Over and over again. 

I am a giant, a verey dumb giant.
and I eat Jelly It rolls all over my belley. (Jelly seems to be a has a capital letter)
and people say I am smelly.
but I don't care only when I chew my welly."

I do rather love how I tried to rub out the last line. I must have thought to myself "That's just silly. Lets stick to the sensible stuff." I have loads more poems I wrote from those days. I loved rhyming words together. 

Maths was a different story. I can pretty much guarantee that the sums you can see in the top left hand corner of that image were copied from someone sitting next to me. I was awful at maths. Times tables scared me. Telling the time scared me. I have haunting memories of my teacher lining us all up and firing multiplications at us for us to answer. A classmate once asked me what the time was and I had to pretend I hadn't heard the question to stall for time, and then when they repeated it I just had to look away and ignore them.

Luckily now I can just about cope when people ask me the time. Its all thanks to this watch, it taught me everything I know:

Ahhh, I love a good trip down memory lane.

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